US Faces Unprecedented Food Insecurity?

I suspect, that the world’s privileged don’t care one bit about what happens to the less privileged. Some of this probably happened throughout history in some way. But I think we privileged in our modern world are immensely more privileged than humans have ever been privileged before. Some of us know, that we have to work very hard for a more equal society. This cannot be put off any longer or we are all going to slip into very dark ages!


To Get Rid of Inflammation Fast

Lacey Baier
Inflammation is the worst! It makes you feel uncomfortable, in pain, and so bloated you don’t want to do anything. So, in this video, I share my best strategies for getting rid of inflammation and bloating so you can get back to feeling great.

Treating The Underlying Causes Of High Blood Pressure

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5 months agoThrough a low carb/fasting lifestyle and wearing an appliance to bed to treat my sleep apnea, I’ve lowered my blood pressure meds from a high dosage of a strong med to a low dosage of 10mg of a much weaker drug (Lisinopril).4REPLYabout:blankImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one wi

Almost a quarter of the worldwide adult population has high blood pressure or hypertension. An additional third of American adults have what is called a pre-hypertensive condition. Hypertension is a leading cause of heart disease and can lead to kidney failure, stroke, dementia, and more. Conventional medicine typically treats hypertension with medications which is generally effective in reducing risk of these complications. However, these medications frequently come with unintended side effects. Functional Medicine, on the other hand, seeks to get to and treat the root cause of whatever is causing hypertension.⁣ ⁣ In this episode, Dr. Hyman sits down with Dr. George Papanicolaou to discuss the Functional Medicine approach to treating high blood pressure. They discuss how things like diet, sleep apnea, insulin resistance, and more are often the driving forces of hypertension.⁣ ⁣ George Papanicolaou is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and is Board Certified in Family Medicine from Abington Memorial Hospital. He is also an Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner. Upon graduation from his residency he joined the Indian Health Service. He worked on the Navajo reservation for 4 years at the Chinle Comprehensive Medical Facility where he served as the Outpatient Department Coordinator. In 2000, he founded Cornerstone Family Practice in Rowley, MA. He practiced with a philosophy centered on personal relationships and treating the whole person, not just not the disease. He called that philosophy “Whole Life Wellness”. Over time as the healthcare system made it harder for patients to receive this kind of personal care Dr. Papanicolaou decided a change was needed. He began training in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine. In 2015, he established Cornerstone Personal Health – a practice dedicated entirely to Functional Medicine. Dr. Papanicolaou to join The UltraWellness Center in 2017.⁣SHOW LESS



3 months ago (edited)Dr Hyman, I think I speak for the majority here when I say that we all find your content (and expertise) very valuable, but please let your guests speak. This really was one of the most difficult to watch interviews, of all of the ones you have done – less than 3 minutes in and the guest is visibly getting fatigued and overpowered, and I think that many of us watching also find this pattern fatiguing. They are your “guests” for a reason and the balance needs to be very different. In many segments of your interview here, you are monologuing continuously and your guest is unable to get a word in. PLEASE consider the repeated constructive feedback you are getting from your loyal followers.Read more14REPLY

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Elena Vasilef

Utopia Homelands

I just listened to a program on the ABC Illawarra Radio Station about the Utopia Homelands.

I find it truly remarkable that something like this does exist!,_Northern_Territory

I did take my blood pressure medication already and my blood pressure at half past 5 am was:



The Utopia region is a dry community, and alcohol is strictly prohibited. There is a night patrol operated by the Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation.[21]

Health and well-being[edit]

Further information: Indigenous Australians’ health

The 30-year history of Utopia (until 2011) is a record of self-determination against a background of well-developed communal will and widespread participation. The era of settlement included some profitable relations with white pastoralists and some degree of continuous Indigenous occupation. The community has had some success in mitigating the clinical disorders associated with transition to sedentary life, and minimising the advent of destructive behaviours and intoxicants. In addition, they have maintained a strong commitment to traditional practices and customs, which support identity in the face of coercive change. Sanitation issues such as the lack of rubbish collection and poor hygiene are significant obstacles to greater well-being.[24]

A series of population health surveys carried out between 1986 and 2004 showed that Utopia people were significantly healthier than comparable groups, particularly their rates of mortality. This has been attributed to the more active “outstation way of life” and the consumption of traditional foods. Community living, cultural factors and the primary health care facility were also important factors.[25][26][4]

In 2014, the borehole supplying water to the community of Utopia was broken during maintenance by Barkly Regional Council, and delivery of water via truck was irregular and insufficient, leading to the spread of disease.[27][28] While there was dispute by authorities about the extent of the water shortage[29][30][31] the Northern Territory government eventually agreed to fund the bore repairs, and money raised by a crowdfunding campaign was transferred to the Urapuntja Health Service.[32]


Body painting and sand paintings have always been important aspects of ceremony, and there has been a tradition of woodcarving which still continues, such as in the work of Josie Kunoth Petyarr, Dinni Kunoth Kemarr and Trudy Raggett Kemarr. Batik was introduced in 1977 and proved to be a very popular medium among the artists.[4]

In 1987, Rodney Gooch from the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) took over the Utopia Batik Group and encouraged the women to depict their stories and country on batik. This project culminated in the exhibition Utopia: A Picture Story, in which 88 artists contributing (all women, except for two and which was shown in AdelaideSydneyPerth and Melbourne and then travelled to Ireland, Germany, Paris and Bangkok.[4]

In 1989, artworks on silk by women artists from Utopia were exhibited in the very first exhibition in the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute in Adelaide, entitled Utopia — A Picture Story.[33]

The artists continued to experiment with many media and styles, with the dominating styles being “gestural abstractionism“, such as the work of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, and the fine stippling techniques, as seen in the work of the Ngal sisters and Kathleen Petyarre.[4]

Utopia’s Aboriginal artists have been remarkably successful, and continue to produce distinctive works that are collected by people in Australia and all over the world.[34] Notable artists from Utopia include Emily Kame Kngwarreye; Angelina Pwerle; seven sisters including Gloria Petyarre, Kathleen Petyarre, Nancy Petyarre and Jeanna Petyarre, and their extended family members Elizabeth Kunoth Kngwarray (Kngwarreye) and others; Polly and Kathleen Ngal; Ruby, Lucky, Sarah and Hazel Morton; and many others.[4]

The Community Art Centre at Ampilatwatja was established in 1999, and most artists based there paint landscapes and “Arreth” themes, which means paying homage to their traditional bush medicine, rather than Dreaming stories. The style is distinctive and different from most other Aboriginal artists, marked by their application of fine dots, and “often bright and child-like figurative depiction of the land”.[11]

There is also another, more recently established art centre, where local artists Jennifer Purvis Kngwarreye (granddaughter of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, and an elder of the community) work. Jennifer’s work (among others from the art centre) was exhibited at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs as part of the 30th annual Desert Mob exhibition in 2021, and bought by Artbank.[6]

Notable residents[edit]


Anti-COVID-19 vaccine

Australian biotech, EnGeneIC, develops world-first nanocellular anti-COVID-19 vaccine that defeats mutant viruses and stimulates a broad anti-viral response

September 07, 2021 22:26 ET | Source: EnGeneIC

  • Works against mutant strains including Delta
  • No need for refrigeration during transport and storage
  • No added stabilisers or chemicals
  • Safety and immune response clinical trial recruiting now in Melbourne
  • Efficacy trial planned for USA

SYDNEY and NEW YORK, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EnGeneIC Limited, an Australian, Sydney-based biotechnology company, has developed a globally unique nanocellular technology that in pre-clinical animal studies has been shown to stimulate a broad and powerful anti-COVID-19 immune response and also neutralises the known mutant COVID-19 viruses of concern, particularly the delta variant.

EnGeneIC has commenced a Phase I clinical trial dosing healthy adults at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne using its patented nanocell technology platform (EDV™; EnGeneIC Dream Vector). The trial will test for safety and a plethora of anti-COVID-19 immune responses.

The EDVs have been packaged with three unique molecules,

a)  one that produces the COVID-19 virus Spike protein in the EDV nanocell, thereby stimulating a strong antibody response,

b)  a second molecule that simultaneously triggers the activation of important cells of the immune system, involved in virus-fighting, and

c)  a third molecule that transforms the anti-virus antibody response into “high affinity” Velcro like antibodies that neutralise the mutant COVID-19 viruses.

While the company is able to quickly modify the payload in EDVs to produce mutant Spike protein variants, most importantly, the existing COVID-19-EDV already shows high neutralising antibody levels in pre-clinical animal studies against the “COVID variants of concern” and can neutralize the delta variant at more than 95%. The pre-clinical studies show that the antibodies generated, completely neutralise the Spike protein from major variants being alpha (U.K.), beta (South African), gamma (Brazil) and critically the delta (Indian) variant. A seminal publication on the preclinical studies is in preparation for a major scientific journal.

Drs. Jennifer MacDiarmid and Himanshu Brahmbhatt, co-CEOs of EnGeneIC, are primarily developing the EDV technology for cancer treatment, but say that this approach to COVID-19 became obvious to them since patients with late-stage cancer in the company’s current cancer clinical trials have responded to EDV treatment with the development of a robust immune response even though they have a severely compromised immune system. Additionally, being able to produce antibodies is only part of the story, as an anti-cancer and anti-viral immune response requires the induction of chemicals called interferons to activate the patient’s own virus fighting T cells and to create a memory antibody response.

“We appreciate that the vaccine rollout is ongoing in Australia, but no vaccine to date is directed towards immune-compromised people, and these people were excluded from vaccine trials aimed at obtaining emergency approval. People with cancer, auto-immune diseases, chronic diseases, or even older individuals have a degree of immune-deficiency and are not likely to respond effectively to current vaccines. Our cancer clinical trials show positive outcomes including improved anti-cancer immunity for those with end stage cancers. These trials also show that our treatment is very safe since it does not harm healthy cells, and in fact, it is ground-breaking in that it results in activation of healthy white blood cells (immune cells) in these vulnerable patients.”

Following the initial safety trial, the COVID-19-EDV is designed as a vaccine for people who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 because they have compromised immune systems and may not respond effectively to existing vaccines. A US-based hospital conglomerate is working with EnGeneIC to expediate a clinical trial in the United States to test the COVID-19-EDV in this same immune-compromised group. Since the COVID-19-EDV produces virus-neutralising antibodies against all variants tested so far including delta it could be added to the follow-up vaccine schedules that will be required as the pandemic progresses.

Additionally, the currently used vaccines have to be stored and transported at -20ºC to -70ºC, or be refrigerated and have a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. EnGeneIC’s COVID-19-EDV vaccine is stored at room temperature and currently has a shelf life of over three years, making it easily transportable to rural and remote regions throughout the world. Importantly there are no chemical additives or stabilisers in the COVID-19 EDV vaccine.

The St. Vincent’s COVID-19-EDV trial with Professor Kumar Visvanathan as the Principal Investigator has commenced in Melbourne with two people being safely dosed so far, and is seeking healthy non-vaccinated adult volunteers. Immune readouts are expected at 1 month and 3 months after dosing.

About EnGeneIC and the EDV™ Nanocell Technology 
EnGeneIC is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company advancing its proprietary bacterially-derived EDV™ (EnGeneIC Dream Vector) nanocells as a powerful nanoparticle drug, siRNA, or miRNA delivery platform designed to directly target and effectively kill tumor cells with minimal toxicity, while simultaneously stimulating the immune system’s innate and adaptive anti-tumor response. EnGeneIC is now in Phase 2a clinical trials in patients with intractable cancers, including patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. EnGeneIC is currently planning to commence further clinical trials in Australia and USA. The company was recognized as the Most Innovative Company in Drug Delivery by FierceBiotech and FiercePharma for 2019, and Australian Financial Review’s most Innovative Company and Innovative Program in Healthcare in 2019. EnGeneIC was also featured in the December 2019 issue of InsightsCare magazine as “The Top 10 Nanotech Companies to Watch.” For more information, please visit


Dr. Jennifer MacDiarmid

Clinical trial center
St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Clinical Trials Teams
+61-3 9231 3580



EnGeneIC initiates Phase I trial of nanocellular anti-Covid-19 vaccine

08 Sep 2021 (Last Updated September 8th, 2021 09:31)

Stored at room temperature, the vaccine has a shelf life of more than three years, facilitating easy transportation.

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EnGeneIC initiates Phase I trial of nanocellular anti-Covid-19 vaccine 
EnGeneIC’s COVID-19-EDV vaccine can potentially neutralise SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern. Credit: Mufid Majnun / Unsplash.

EnGeneIC has initiated dosing in Phase I clinical trial of its first-ever nanocellular technology-based anti-Covid-19 vaccine in healthy adults.

Named EnGeneIC Dream Vector (EDV), the nanocell technology platform was demonstrated to induce a wide-ranging and robust anti-Covid-19 immune response in pre-clinical animal studies.

It also showed the ability to neutralise the known mutant SARS-CoV-2 viruses of concern, especially the Delta variant, EnGeneIC noted.

The EDVs comprise three molecules, one that generates the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein in the EDV nanocell and a second molecule that concurrently induces the activation of vital cells of the immune system associated with virus-fighting.

The third molecule can alter the anti-virus antibody response into increased affinity velcro-like antibodies that can kill the mutant viruses.

To date, two subjects in the Phase I trial were dosed at the St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The trial is intended to assess the vaccine’s safety and immune responses against Covid-19.

Immune readouts are anticipated to be reported at one and three months after dosing, the company noted.

EnGeneIC co-CEOs Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid and Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt said: “We appreciate that the vaccine rollout is ongoing in Australia, but no vaccine to date is directed towards immune-compromised people and these people were excluded from vaccine trials aimed at obtaining emergency approval.

Australian made COVID vaccine that is a GAME-CHANGER | 7NEWS

Oct 13, 2021

A Sydney-based biotech firm has developed a world-first COVID vaccine, that could be more effective than those currently available. Engeneic uses nanocellular technology to stimulate a strong antibody response. Not only has it been found to work against mutant strains, including Delta.. it’s also shown promising signs of long-lasting efficacy, and doesn’t require refrigeration.

97.3 ABC Illawarra

97.3 ABC Illawarra

Radio station



ABC Illawarra is an ABC Local Radio station based in Wollongong and broadcasting to the Illawarra region in New South Wales. This includes the towns of Nowra, Shellharbour, Kiama, and Bowral. The station began as 2WN in 1959 originally broadcasting on the AM band. WikipediaFrequency: 97.3 MHz FMBroadcast areaIllawarraFirst air date: 6 March 1959

No Time To Die

Billie Eilish

I should’ve known
I’d leave alone
Just goes to show
That the blood you bleed
Is just the blood you oweWe were a pair
But I saw you there
Too much to bear
You were my life
But life is far away from fairWas I stupid to love you?
Was I reckless to help?
Was it obvious to everybody elseThat I’d fallen for a lie?
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you’ll never see me cry
There’s just no time to dieI let it burn
You’re no longer my concern
Faces from my past return
Another lesson yet to learnThat I’d fallen for a lie
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you’ll never see me cry
There’s just no time to dieNo time to die
No time to dieFool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you’ll never see me cryThere’s just no time to dieSource: LyricFindSongwriters: Billie Eilish O’Connell / Finneas Baird O’ConnellNo Time To Die lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group