A new Beginning

Here I start with a new blog.

Today happens to be the day when we remember that six years ago our beloved daughter Gaby, passed away. It was a great shock to us for she died very suddenly. However it was a great comfort to us to know that she died very peacefully. She just stopped breathing! She was a quadriplegic since the time when she came down with polio on her fourth birthday.

So, her diaphragm had been affected by poliomyelitis since August 1961 when she had just turned four. She grew up not remembering the time when she was totally mobile running around like any other little girl and breathing normally.

So in 1961 she was put on an iron lung to help her breathing. It was predicted that she would probably not live beyond age thirty. That she was able to live a somewhat ‘normal’ life for the next fifty years is to us something really wonderful.

Now, if you would like to read more about our Gabriele, please go to:


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