We walked along Wollongong’s Blue Mile Tramway-Path on 16th of July 2018

The new path has been finished. Yesterday Peter and I went for a lovely walk in winter sunshine along this ‘Blue Mile Tramway’. We had an excellent pumpkin soup at the kiosk near the North Beach. It is a very beautiful place sitting outside near the Tramway path in front of the kiosk. North Beach and the ocean were right in front of us. Some people got coffee and other things from the kiosk. A lot of walkers and bike riders passed on the Tramway. It was a rather cool winter day, but with plenty of sunshine. In the sun the air felt pleasantly warm. As soon as we get summer temperatures here in Wollongong, Australia, I would imagine that this place is going to be more and more crowded. There is plenty of room for a lot of people to enjoy the amazingly beautiful scenery.

I wrote what it says above on the 17th of July here where I inserted a few videos about the Blue Mile Tramway:


Peter and I took a few pictures during our walk along the beautiful Wollongong foreshore. Here now are the pictures that we took:



This guy came rolling along to keep this beautiful new path clean.


We took some pictures of boxes with a lot of very interesting information:

DSCN4660 (2)

DSCN4660 (3)




The Pumpkin Soup of the Day was delicious! I mentioned in the introductory write-up that we had an excellent pumpkin soup at the kiosk near the North Beach.


The North Beach Bathers Pavilion is open to everyone without any charges. The Wollongong North Beach should be very popular again once it gets a bit warmer. After all we are still in the midst of winter . . .

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