Updating my Diary

Only one more week and this month is gone, gone, gone. Why is it that the months seem to pass more and more quickly?

So far we did many things this month already. Maybe this is why the days pass so quickly because we always seem to be very busy. No time to sit around and get bored!

Now, I saved quite a few pictures over the past few weeks. I was not allowed to use them for my old website,  for I had reached my limit to what I could publish there. So, I try here on this website to be catching up a bit with some publishing of pictures:

Looking at my pictures from this month I am reminded that Peter and I drove to Bulli just to enjoy the beautiful scenery there and have a bit of lunch too at the Ruby’s Cafe.

We passed this playground on the way to the Ruby’s Cafe.


This seems to be a harsh penalty for letting your dog of the leash!
Our shadows on Bulli Beach!

Walking along Bulli Beach we took lots of pictures! Here are just some.


On the way home we stopped at the Nan Tien Temple.


Oh yes, one must not forget to secure one’s car. Peter had just made sure that he had secured the car, when I noticed this sign.



We went to the lift to visit the toilet and then we went down to the Tea House for some delicious tea.

Gee, I’m glad that I’m allowed to sit on the toilet seat!


To go up we had taken the lift, but to go down to the Tea House we used these stairs.

To look at the wonderfully kept temple gardens is always a joy.







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