A Reblog from September 2017

September 2017 Diary

This blog that I wrote one year ago I pretty much could have written today. The pictures very much look like pictures I could have taken today. And nearly everything I comment about in this blog could have been written today too.
Yes, spring is in the air now here in Australia, and yes we would like to have a bit more rain.

I wrote the following one year ago:

“I love taking some photos when I manage to go for a walk. When I took the above pictures I had taken my walking stick along. This made walking so much easier. I had not been walking very much during the past few weeks. It had always been rather cold and often extremely windy. The last few days I was determined to go out each morning at least for a little bit and get used to walking again. When I do it regularly, it really makes a difference. Often I feel more confident again to walk around without using my walking stick. This warmer and calmer weather makes me feel that spring has finally arrived here in the Illawarra of NSW, Australia. I just hope  for a bit of rain in the near future because for quite some time we had nearly no rain at all and everything is starting to dry out.”

I tried rebloggen the pictures that are in that blog from September 2017. I do not know how to copy these pictures.



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