The Horse Chestnut Tree in Bozener Strasse, Berlin-Schoeneberg, Germany

I was just searching pictures that were taken in Bozener Strasse, where I grew up. Surprise, surprise, I opened the above link: And what did I see? In the picture behind the huge chestnut tree I discovered the house I grew up in! We lived on the third floor on the right side. Our front windows and our balcony can be seen very clearly. The picture was taken on the 11th of May 2015. That would have been springtime in Germany. One can see that the tree is flowering beautifully.

I happen to know, that a lot of the scenes of the 1984 movie ‘Forbidden’ were filmed in this exact same building that I grew up in! Peter and I recently saw this movie:

In Wikipedia this is said about the movie:

“The plot of that movie is loosely based on the true story of Maria von Maltzan originally told in the non-fiction book The Last Jews in Berlin by Leonard Gross about a countess who hides her Jewish boyfriend in her apartment in World War II. It was a co-production between Britain, West Germany and the United States. It was broadcast on television in America, but released in cinemas in other countries. . . .”

In September 1940 I celebrated my 6th birthday. My mother took a few pictures with me and my birthday guests: Two pictures under the chestnut tree and one picture in front of our house. I published the pictures together with another picture that was taken on my aunt’s huge balcony up on the fifth floor (probably in the summer of 1942 when we children had fun having a dress-up party.) Here is where I published these pictures:

Uta’s Birthday 1940

And here I wrote about a visit to Bozener Strasse in September 2012, when Peter and I had come from Australia for a visit to Berlin:

About Bozener Strasse I wrote the following in this post of September 2012:

“Yesterday, Tuesday, our destination was Bayrischer Platz. Just round the corner is Bozener Strasse, where I grew up. I felt quite nostalgic to see my old stomping ground again. We picked up a few large, shiny, rather big chestnuts from under the huge tree at the end of Bozener Strasse. I remember this tree very well from my childhood!”




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