Maybe Martin would be interested in a round of golf?


WP_20180918_10_55_32_Pro (2)


Peter took the above pictures.

Last week I published these pictures and I wrote the following:

“Peter and I went to the club’s cafe for some coffee. I had some birthday vouchers from the Dapto Leagues Club which were  valid for coffee and cake  at The Grange Golf Club. I still have some vouchers for a COMPLIMENTARY ROUND OF GOLF as well as for a FREE DRINK, namely a choice of a complimentary schooner or middy of draught beer, glass of house wine, bottom shelf spirit or a soft drink. Maybe Martin would be interested in a round of golf when he comes to visit? The golf voucher is transferable but ‘must be redeemed with the member present’. I am ‘the member’ that is I am a member of the Dapto Leagues Club.
We liked the premises of the Golf Club very much when we went there yesterday on beautiful warm spring day with plenty of sunshine.”

Chinese Treasure Court Restaurant

Proudly Serving Dapto With Fine Chinese Food For Over 30 Years

It was Sunday, the 23rd of September 2018, when Peter and I went with Caroline, Martin and Elizabeth to the Treasure Court Restaurant for lunch. Martin and Elizabeth had just arrived from Victoria (some 600 km away from us), Caroline, who lives in Sydney,  had come to visit on Saturday already.

So, I still have that voucher for a  COMPLIMENTARY ROUND OF GOLF. I wonder whether would Martin be able to use it? He’s going to stay with us till the end of this week, that is he’s probably driving back to Victoria on Friday. Today, Tuesday, we’ll be driving to Corrimal because Peter wants to see his GP there. For Thursday Peter is booked into Wollongong Hospital for Day Surgery. The weather has deteriorated quite a bit since last week. that is, it is not as warm and sunny anymore. I wonder whether we’ll be able to manage to pay the Golf Club another visit this week even if the weather is not as beautiful as it was last week when we were for some coffee at the Golf Club.

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