MARTINI GLASSES and some Pictures about Online Shopping

Some time ago we bought at an ALDI store some MARTINI GLASSES WITH GOLD RIM. This is what it says in the write up:

“210 ml European Crystaline Glass,  Real Gold Rim, (Made in Slovakia)

Then,  the other day we bought the following at Aldi’s:

RENBERG, Apple premium Swedish Cyder as well as VERMOUTH DI TORINO , ROSSO (Product of Italy)

Some Vermouth on top of three ice-cubes in each of the glasses and topped up with apple cider, gee, this made a fantastic drink! I enjoyed it very much.

I should have taken some pictures of the glasses, but I didn’t. I feel I don’t very much enjoy taken pictures anymore. And when I do occasionally take some pictures  I do not publish them at all or keep putting it off to do anything with them.

So what sort of pictures did I actually take over the last few weeks? I go and have a look now.

When I recently returned from one of my walks, I noticed a COLES delivery truck in our street. I took some pictures of it. It shows that it is possible to get online deliveries!

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