Lunch in Marrickville

We had had great day in Bowral:

In the afternoon we drove to Casula (near Liverpool) and stayed overnight in this hotel:

We experienced a very friendly service including a very welcome free breakfast where we had really good choices.

Then we navigated our way towards Marrickville where we were to see Caroline and Matthew for lunch. It was a beautiful winter morning. The huge terrace where lunch would be served, was bathed in glorious sunshine. Matthew’s son Daniel is a chef, and so is one of Daniel’s friend who had also come. They were both already preparing a feast on the grill in the open air on that terrace:

A beautiful piece of beef had been cooked already.


While we were waiting, Caroline served us some tea. Later on with lunch she served us excellent salads. Matthew’s niece and nephew came along too to share lunch with all of us.


Inside of the apartment I noticed that Caroline and Matthew had collected a few certificates from different universities. I had never seen theirs framed yet and took some pictures so I would remember better what they were all about. Matthew is doing now further studies at Sydney University. And Caroline has now permanent employment with the ABC. Of course everyone is very happy for her that she has achieved this after about two years of casual employment with the ABC.


DSCN4568 (2)

We are in the midst of October now. Last night we started watching this program on ABC TV:

“A team of talented Australian and American intelligence analysts work together to ensure global stability in one of the world’s most important and secretive joint intelligence facilities – Pine Gap.”


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