A splendid Wedding


Matthew’s daughter got married on Sunday, the 28th of October 2018. The wedding took place at Athol Hall, Ashton Park, Mosman, which is very close to the Ferry stop for Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo. (Taronga Zoo Sydney is 12 minutes from Circular Quay by ferry. Sydney Ferries services depart Circular Quay every 30 minutes.)

Just a few days before the wedding Peter and I went by train to Circular Quay from where we took a ferry to the Taronga Zoo ferry stop. The ferry that we caught was alled ‘FRIENDSHIP’. On a walking track from the Taronga Zoo Ferry wharf  it is only a few minutes to the venue. The venue is within Sydney Harbour National Park.


And this is the wedding venue, Athol Hall:


This venue was a real good choice. Everyone had a great time. Here now are some pictures from the day of the wedding:




Peter and I had been among the very first guests to arrive, and we were among the very last ones to leave. We left with Caroline and Matthew and stayed at their place in Marrickville (Sydney) overnight. Caroline was driving, for she did not have had a lot to drink during the festivities. On the way we dropped off Matthew’s mum at her place. It was late at night. There was not much traffic. Caroline drove very well. She had no problem getting past all the road building sites.

Before we left the hall, we could observe how much work it was for the staff to clear everything away. We had all been sitting at round tables. Every table was sitting eight people. I think there must have been about a dozen tables!




I did not mention that from this special venue we were able to look across the harbour towards the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. There was a cute little beach nor far from the venue. A lot of people were fit enough to walk down to the beach in their wedding outfits in between meal courses, taking some fantastic pictures at the beach.


From where we were we could watch a very tall ocean liner leaving the harbour.

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