A Church in Crisis



  • PanellistJim Molan
  • Audience: Coalition 32%, ALP 24%, Greens 6?% Undecided 28%, Other 9%

    Discuss the Questions

    Here are the questions our panel faced this week. Tell us what your answer would be or what you think our panellists need to say.


    Peter Fox asked: Following the overturning of Archbishop Wilson’s conviction, many were disappointed, but respected the judicial process. Conversely, since Cardinal Pell’s conviction there’s been unprecedented condemnation of the jury decision from media commentators & powerful individuals aligned to the Cardinal. Notable lawyers have also weighed in, publically discussing appeal prospects. After media suppression to ensure Cardinal Pell received a fair trial, do you think the current commentary is placing undue influence on the courts & potentially damaging the integrity & public perception of any future appeal decision?


    Amanda Voets asked: When I was growing up, during the 50’s and 60’s in Australia, my sense of security came from my parents, grandparents and, largely, the Catholic School that I attended and the sense that God was always on my side, through the teachings of my Catholic Faith. As 22.6% of Australians identify as Catholic, making up almost a quarter of the population, it is obvious that much of society will now be suffering a level of sorrow and, perhaps, depression, following the conviction of Cardinal Pell, a man who was respected and revered as part of the foundation of our lives. Do the panel have any suggestion as to how Australian Catholics come to terms with this result, especially given the conflicting evidence and deeply held view that our Faith and our Church while made up of flawed human beings, is sacrosanct, and above and beyond sinful acts?


    Albert Morris asked: The unnatural state of celibacy imposed by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy on priests – people in positions of power – inevitably leads to the variety of illicit sexual behaviors. It is now acceptable for Maronite Catholic priests to marry. Similarly, the Jewish system strongly recommends that Rabbi’s be married. I would like to ask the panel, is it not time for the Catholic Church to remove the STUPID restriction against priests marrying?


    Rev Megan Powell Du Toit asked: I’m a female Baptist minister. My question is to Kristina Keneally. My experience has been that women not only from my own tradition but also from other traditions with less or no female clergy contact me to tell me their stories of abuse. Given your own studies in theology and experience as a political leader, what difference do you think greater numbers of women in positions of influence would make in combating abuse within the Church?


    Christine Foster asked: Why, when children are the essence of Christianity – trusting, loving, innocent and virginal, do some clergy sexually assault them and then, after complaints, all the bishops, worldwide, protect the offenders by moving them to another parish, aiding and abetting them in further crimes, sometimes for decades? How can politicians still let the church set up and run their own money saving, victim demeaning schemes?


    Georgia Wilson asked via the web: The Morrison Government has recently been described as a “sinking ship” after the slew of Liberal resignations. With an imminent election, what steps will the Liberal party be taking to regain trust in voters during this crucial period?


    Mehmet Soyusatici asked: Scott Morrison has said that Labor’s promise to review recent appointments is arrogant. Isn’t it arrogant for the Liberals to feel entitled to those positions? If a Labor government is elected, wouldn’t they have the right to fill those positions?


    Eszter Fischer asked: In my opinion, pornography is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem. We, as a society simply don’t know anymore what intimacy is and how it works. And on top of this, people are more and more isolated and loneliness is like a cancer, the cancer of society, spreading uncontrollably. There clearly is a need for pornography, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a huge supply. Instead of trying to eliminate pornography, why don’t we try to find a cure for loneliness on society level?

    Duration: 1hr 14min

  • https://www.abc.net.au/qanda/about/

One thought on “A Church in Crisis

  1. Peter and I watched this program about the church in crisis last night, that is Monday night, the 4th of March 2019. We thought the panel for this Quanda program was very well chosen. 🙂

    I think a lot of our institutions do need reforming. This morning I was for instance in uproar about the going-ons in our ATO:


    “A whistleblower who exposed excessive debt collection tactics within the Australian Tax Office has faced court in Adelaide. . . . “


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