Rory’s Way | Trailer

We saw this movie today. I very much enjoyed it. The scenes how Scottish Grandpa Rory related to his baby grandson were absolutely superb! Also how this elderly very Scottish  character took a liking to a typical American woman who treated him in a way that appealed to him very much. Apart from this somehow special woman he did not seem to be able to adjust to this extremely affluent American lifestyle in San Fancisco. He regretted how estranged from him his own son had become in America. . . . .  It made me think too which sort of medical treatment a guy like Rory would expect or want. And how even when in pain he was determined to enjoy life to the full for as long as possible.

“There’s a sweet love story nestled within this…comedy drama. Rosanna Arquette’s game attempts to parrot [Rory’s] Gaelic…are strangely charming”

The Observer (UK)

“Rory MacNeil (Brian Cox) is a rough-hewn and not particularly agreeable Scotsman who reluctantly leaves his beloved Hebridean island home to travel to California for medical treatment.

In San Francisco, Rory moves into the home of his estranged son Ian (JJ Feild), Ian’s wife Emily (Thora Birch) and their baby boy. At a confronting time in his unapologetically selfish life, Rory MacNeil may yet have time to live up to his boast that “a man in a kilt is a man and a half”. Rosanna Arquette, Tim Mathieson and Treat Williams feature in an excellent supporting cast.

Winner, Grand Jury Prize for Best Film, Montreal World Film Festival.”

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