The Perfect Human Being Series E13 – Michael Sandel on the values of being a human being

Published on Jul 14, 2016
Political philosopher Michael Sandel is interviewed by Dutch journalist and philosopher Bas Heijne. Sandel (Minneapolis, 1953) is a professor at Harvard University where he teaches the course ‘Justice’ which is an enormous success among students. He is widely known for his interactive lectures where he poses dilemma’s about topics such as biotechnology. In this video, Heijne and Sandel talk about what it means to be human, the difference between healing and enhancing, and the future of humanity. Bas Heijne (1960) is a Dutch writer and interviewer. He studied English language and literature, has published numerous books and is well-known for his opinionated essays and columns in newspaper NRC Handelsblad. For the tv series De Volmaakte Mens, Heijne went on a personal quest to discover what defines ‘being human’ in our increasingly technological society. He interviewed philosophers, technologists and scientists around the world, in search of the future of the human species. This interview is an excerpt from the Dutch science programme De Volmaakte Mens (“The Perfect Human Being”), episode 4 ‘The Bionic Human’. The six-part science series De Volmaakte Mens was broadcast on Dutch television in Spring 2015. More info (in Dutch only):…

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