“This will lead to war over resources”

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The strong scientific warning issued 25 years ago didn’t help. So more than 23,000 scientists have signed an updated version, called World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice.
“I think it should be called the final notice. I’m not sure we’ll get another chance”, says Stuart Scott, executive director of ScientistsWarning.org.

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One thought on ““This will lead to war over resources”

  1. https://www.ecologise.in/2019/09/23/catastrophic-climate-change-is-not-a-problem-for-fascists-it-is-a-solution/#comment-808

    Tags: capitalism, communicating crises, converging crises, corporate criminality, depopulation, ecocide, fascism & authoritarianism, future scenarios, global challenges, global trends, green politics, human rights, ideas & ideology, planning & policy, state repression, surveillance & police state

    Catastrophic climate change is not a problem for Fascists — It is a solution
    Written by Contributor, 23rd September 2019

    I want to read the whole blog as soon as I can make some time for it!


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