“Homo Digitalis”




ORF “kulturMontag”: 30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall, Leonardo in the Louvre, Women’s Power at the Viennale 

Also: Documentary “Homo digitalis – How long are we still human?” To 50 Years of Internet, “From the Archive” with Michael Schottenberg logo CNRS logo INIST 

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Documentation “Homo digitalis – How long are we still human?” (23.30 clock) 

Artificial intelligence, chips in the brain, digital lovers – how do such future technologies change our lives? This question was addressed by the transmediale future project “Homo Digitalis” launched with ORF participation. In addition to a seven-part web series this also consisted of a future test, the results of 2018 were presented both in a scientific study, as well as in an accompanying TV documentary by Christiane Miethge and Nils Otte. Meeting virtual friends, controlling a drone with thoughts and THEN-hacking – all this is what “Homo Digitalis” is all about. Discussions with international experts show that people around the world are asking themselves: will we become a whole new species – the “Homo Digitalis”? 

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