What were the Workers struggling for

According to Orwell, what were the Workers struggling for?


I noticed the following in an essay that George Orwell wrote in 1942:

” . . . .  What are the workers struggling for? Simply for the decent life which they are more and more aware is now technically possible. Their consciousness of this aim ebbs and flows.
All that the working man demands is what these others would consider the indispensable minimum without which human life cannot be lived at all. Enough to eat, freedom from the haunting terror of unemployment, the knowledge that your children will get a fair chance, a bath once a day, clean linen reasonably often, a roof that doesn’t leak, and short enough working hours to leave you with a little energy when the day is done.”
I wrote in 2015:
More than seventy years have passed since Orwell wrote this. Have things changed? Speaking about conditions in Australia, I remember when we arrived in Australia in 1959 pretty much all this was available to the worker, and I mean to every worker. Today not all this is still available to every worker, and the workers who still have jobs that pay enough for a decent living, well a lot of these workers do constantly have to live in fear of losing their job and not being able to get another job. And how many working hours are the norm these days in Australia?
Orwell calls it “the indispensable minimum without which human life cannot be lived at all”. He is talking here about a ‘decent life’ for the workers. During the so called ‘cold war’ period, our governments were able to guarantee workers that much. What has changed?
At the time I received these two comments on this subject:
  1. You ask, “What has changed”? The Wall came down and the capitalist have lost the fear of Communism. The Americans think they won the cold war and that gives them the right to trample on the workers. What they call globalisation is the Americanisation of the world. If you don’t play by their rules you are the enemy. Here they call it Team Australia but they could call it just “Our Team”.

    They were always talking about the market and competition. There is also a market out there for ideas. The big companies are killing competition and they want to squeeze the workers and the farmers. You can observe the American workforce their standard of living has gone down considerably since the nineties but the profit margins have skyrocket.

    I think it won’t take very long and we shall have another revolution, with terrible consequences for all of us.

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