Juli Zeh: ‘The Method’ and Juli Zeh’s novel “Unterleuten”


Does a legal system become questionable if it claims infallibility? To what extent may the state — with the best of intentions — restrict individual freedom? Juli Zeh’s philosophical novella asks quite topical questions.

Vision of the future: Physical well-being equals happy life

What if you never had to get sick again? Sounds tempting. But it comes at a high price. Very high. “The Method” by Juli Zeh is about life under a health dictatorship.

  • Date 05.10.2018


The following was already published in 2016:


Juli Zeh’s new novel “Unterleuten”

What looks like an idyllic rural setting is in fact akin to hell on earth. Award-winning German author Juli Zeh writes about the egotism of our time in a book that has once again received rave Reviews.
Juli Zeh

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