AUSTRALIA FIRES – The catastrophic blazes that are devastating the Aussies

“Fires happen in Australia every year, but not fires like these. Experts say they warned the Australian government for decades that the country’s rising temperature and increasing droughts would spark a blaze unlike anything they’d seen before. Yet when the wildfires began to ravage the states of New South Wales and Victoria a few months ago, firefighters say they were unprepared and under-resourced. The blowback has been ferocious and has fallen mainly on the shoulders of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Is it fair? Can any one person be to blame for such a vast calamity? Nexus investigates…”

neil spring:

“Its actually 17,000,000 hectares lost because of mismanagement. 1 billion animals and 28 people dead. We have to borrow aircraft to defend our massive country, yet we spent 2 billion dollars on obsolete submarines.”

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