Love Recipe – Liebe nach Rezept, Liebeskomödie


This afternoon we watched this light hearted movie. Marriage difficulties can of course be a serious subject, but is treated here in a more or less rather light hearted way.

What happens when a husband loses interest in his wife in the 17th year of their marriage? During the course of this story both look for some outside stimulation. This is treated very much as a comedy. Everybody, including the children, becomes aware of the partners ‘flings’. Hilarious! Both partners talk about divorce  and loving and wanting to marry the other person, and raising the combined children in dual marriages . . .

It all ends with the respected couples retrieving what they thought they had lost, finding back to properly loving each other once more! ‘Ende gut, alles gut!’ Both marriages are being saved in the end!

So I guess this movie shows a good recipe for lasting marriages! Not bad, not bad at all. I did like how the children from both marriages reacted to all this . . .

This is how the story developed: The wife, who does not feel loved anymore, tries to seduce a married man who has three young sons. This wife, Corinna, is in the  seventeenth year of her marriage with Michael. They have a daughter who is nearly grown up.



Credited cast:
Uwe Ochsenknecht Uwe Ochsenknecht Hansen Quaas
Kai Wiesinger Kai Wiesinger Michael Fürstenberg
Sonsee Neu Sonsee Neu Corinna Fürstenberg
Petra Kleinert Petra Kleinert Monika Quaas
Golda Tencer Golda Tencer Rosha
Melina Hennen Melina Hennen Marie Fürstenberg
Sybille J. Schedwill Sybille J. Schedwill Juliane Heuer (as Sybille Schedwill)
Zsolt Bács Zsolt Bács Dieter Scharfschmitt
Steffi Kühnert Steffi Kühnert Beate Specht
Wolf-Niklas Schykowski Wolf-Niklas Schykowski Mike Quaas
Tom Hoßbach Tom Hoßbach Nico Quaas
Julius Freund Julius Freund Peter Quaas

Hansen Quaas is married to Monika who likes to be married to Hansen and to look after their three boys. But when she finds out that Hansen gets to like Corinna very much, she gets veryt angry with him. Hansen and Corinna’s fling does not last for very long, however then Michael approaches Monika and succeeds in getting her to join him in an outing.  Michael also approaches the three Quaas boys and becomes very friendly with them.

In the end daughter Marie Fürstenberg is very happy when she finds out that her parents are together again. And of course this means that Hansen and Monika Quaas are soon back to normal again.

There is another very interesting character in this movie by the name of Rosha:

She plays a great part in making the story’s plot very interesting, by trying to help the various characters to once more finding romantic love.

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