Chasing Infinity-The Growth Story | Mansoor Khan | TEDxIBSPune


A 1 hour presentation that covers that basic argument of my book ‘The Third Curve – The End of Growth as we know it’. It explains from an Energetics perspective that perpetual Growth is both impossible and in fact the definition of Cancer. The presentation shows the incongruity between an exponential definition of money growth that we have defined from our mind and the reality of resources and mainly fossil fuels that follows a bell curve. This way we get introduced to a new discipline called Energetics which is energy accounting as opposed to Economics which is money accounting. And as energy is the fundamental currency of the universe, we need to understand its behavior and the pitfalls of only doing money accounting which can be manipulated at will leading to the delusion we see in the financial and industrial world today. Over time this leads to a fundamental deficit that we are facing since we hit Peak Oil in 2005. The more we try to overcome this deficit and pump Growth by extreme measure of extraction and exploitation, the more we will be spreading the Global Cancer that we can see ripping apart everything from communities, to eco-systems to the very climate itself.

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