Our lunch today

This was a good lunch again. We have been eaten quite well the last few weeks. So far we have not run out of things to eat. For desert we had thick chocolate custard, with vanilla custard and whipped cream. Not bad, not bad at all.

Peter is going to make some Filter coffee in a little while. We did already the dishes. With our coffee we may have a Hot Cross Bun heated up in the oven!

On a sunny day I go out here to stretch myself out on the garden lounge.

After all the recent rains our plants in the backyard have been growing, growing, growing. A lot of things are immensely overgrown now. Still, I enjoy the outside and try to go outside as often as possible. I also love to walk across the soccer fields in the back of our place. The grass has been cut recently. It is such pleasure to walk across this grass! There are no other people around, not even Peter, who prefers not to walk across the grass. On my walks I always find some beautiful trees to hug!! To me this area is like paradise.

Here now a few more pictures I took yesterday in our backyard:






















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