From my Diary in 2013

I wrote the following during the last weekend in July.

“I had taken the painkilling tablets the doctor had prescribed for me. I was supposed to take three times two tablets per day, however not more than six a day with intervals of at of at least six hours. For three days I took the six tablets per day. On Friday I already felt much better. I walked a lot in the sun. The right hand didn’t feel as painful any more. There was still some feeling of pins and needles, but I was able to do a lot more house-work than during the past few weeks. Friday afternoon Irene and Marion came to my place. We played a game of scrabble as we always do when we meet on a Friday afternoon. Then we had our coffee break. And after coffee and cake it was time for some games of Rummy. Irene said she’d have to leave early for her son was to come to have dinner with them. She went home just before five. We had had three hours of togetherness. For me three hours was plenty. I honestly felt very, very tired and was glad when Marion decided to go home too. Maybe she would have liked to stay a bit longer. I don’t know. However I did not hold back and proclaimed that I felt dead tired and desperately needed a bit of a rest. I did lie down on the sofa in the living-room.”

When I go over this what I wrote in July I can see that really not much has changed. The doctor recommends an operation. It looks like I may have to go along with it. Tomorrow week I am going to see the specialist. He is probably going to book me in for this operation on my wrist. It is a pinched nerve I have in my wrist. There is a waiting list. I have been warned that it may take more than six months before I can have the operation. Well, I think my condition is not life threatening. However it can be rather painful at times. I can cope with a bit of pain, especially since I do take these pain killing tablets it is really not so bad. I feel always better when I can take relaxing walks, swim a bit and have a few laughs in good company. I also love to eat mostly vegetarian food adequately spiced with lots of different herbs. Everything I eat has to be soft enough for me to chew. This coming Friday I am going to get my new dentures. I am very much looking forward to this!

And I am looking forward to a great family reunion next Sunday: Our son from Melbourne is coming to visit us with his wife. They can stay for two nights only. Then they fly back to Melbourne. So on Sunday the whole family wants to meet somewhere for lunch.


I often go for walks along the reserve behind our house. The other day I took some pictures again while Peter did a training run on the grass around the whole place.


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