Kaiser, König, Edelmann . . . A Ball Game that I used to like as a Child

This is one of the games we played as children. The positions were as follows:

Emperor, King, Gentleman, Citizen, Farmer, Beggar

These six positions were interchangeable. Six children could play this game. These six children would have always a place in this game. If  you were lucky and good at catching and holding a ball, maybe you could be in the top position (emperor) for  a while, and if you were not so good at the game, well, then maybe it would be your fate to be the beggar, but at all times you were able to stay in the game somehow. Everybody had some value? Oh yes,  and come to think of it, I liked that. Even as a child I thought it is only fair that there should be a place for everyone.

I very much loved this ball game,  and I think all the children I played with, loved it too. It was definitely a very popular game among us children.

Now, I thought about this game in connection with the popular board game ‘MONOPOLY’. In this game, as everyone knows, there is in the end only one winner. Everyone else is out of the game, once the monopolist takes all. I must admit, I always liked playing this game and did not really mind, that there was a winner who took everything. After all it was only a game.

However in real life I think the ‘game’ of playing ‘monopoly’ has gone too far. I do not like it at all. Wouldn’t it be better if we could all play “Kaiser, König, Edelmann, Bürger, Bauer, Bettelmann”, where everyone kind of knew their position, and  being able to better themselves by being exceptionally skillful, but also accepting it when  having to resort to a minor position because somebody else was taking over?

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