Out of my September Diary 2020

Despite all the struggles with Peter’s deteriorating health and so much slowing down due to old age, we do count ourselves lucky that we still have some time together and that we have a caring family. I am sure, our family is going to be greatly relieved too, if we do get this fexible Respite Care, that I mentioned in one of the above comments.
When I feel too stressed, my blood pressure tends to go sky high. The health profession gets extremely worried, when the blood pressure reaches as much as 200! But I believe that basically I am quite healthy for my age. As soon as I am less stressed, my blood pressure goes very much down. Besides I do get some medication now, and the last few days we were able to spend some days without having to go out anywhere. Going out on our own for a few hours is always extremely exhausting for both of us. After a few hours out we need plenty of rest. And I find a few hours extra sleep are very helpful too in calming us.

Both Peter and I are very restricted in being active in any way for we do very soon get out of breath and have to stop whatever we are doing. But of course Peter is much worse off for his body is not a healthy body anymore, and the hours where he feels sort of okay are getting less and less. Often he thinks he cannot survive much longer. He has severe blockages to the heart as well as advanced bladder cancer that probably has spread already somewhat further. He manages all his medication himself, a very vast amount of medication! Whenever Peter feels alright for a little while, we try to do the things at home that we can enjoy doing. Doing things on the computer, watching our favourite TV programs, listening to classic music or jazz, or something exhilarating like an Andre Rieu program. Enjoying the outdoors in the sun, we like doing too at this time of the year whenever we can make some time for it! 


Last but not least I like to mention that we do try to eat a lot of fresh, healthy food, freshly cooked or just some delicious fruit. Both Peter and I, we still have satisfactory appetite and digestion. We very much enjoy relaxing meals with just a small glass of wine. 


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