Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Noam Chomsky in his only Ask Me Anything in years. Links to what’s been mentioned in the video are below (scroll). 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:03 What do Gödel’s incompleteness theorems say about mathematical realism / linguistics? (Prof. Rebecca Goldstein) 00:04:25 Progress on the science of consciousness? (Prof. Anil Seth) 00:09:52 Modern Ptolemaic models in science 00:11:29 Analyzing infinitival phrases (Prof. Daniel Bonevac) 00:14:38 Are there units of culture, like memes? (Prof. JT Velikovsky) 00:21:55 Extralinguistic experiences being fathomed only through linguistics? (Andres Zuleta) 00:25:16 Can you perceive a thought even if you don’t verbally express it? (Rivulet) 00:27:37 Is there a Chomskyan pre-grammar for religion like Eric Weinstein suggests? (Aro Own) 00:33:52 On Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and its influence on Chomsky (Jack McGreevy) 00:39:51 Conscious volition vs. unconscious “wiring” in relation to free will (Joel Suro) 00:44:51 Is mathematics itself the domain of all languages? (Boris Costello) 00:46:33 Is language created from the top down (enforcement from authorities) or bottom up (“the people”)? 00:49:47 Social constructionism vs. Chomsky 00:51:47 Jung’s archetypes’ relationship to Chomskyan grammar 00:54:02 Bakunin, freedom, language, and human nature 00:57:51 What revolutionary words / phrases have we forgotten that we should re-learn? 00:58:39 How has Chomsky’s views on universal grammar changed since he conceived it? 01:08:13 Change vs. Evolution (variation, replication, selection) 01:10:40 Unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics 01:10:59 Advice for Curt, who’s developing a Theory of Everything 01:15:12 The invention of terms like LatinX and BIPOC, etc. Is there something different about them? 01:17:14 The Sapir Whorf hypothesis

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