New Drone Is Revolutionizing The World And Is Now Available In Australia

I’m a professional cameraman specialized in piloting camera drones. I fly high-end drones every day during work and I also make reviews of the drones that I’ve used.

Two weeks ago a new drone arrived at my office. It was unlike anything I’ve ever flown with! I’m used to big slumpy camera drones but this one was smaller and easy to fly. I was astonished that such a compact drone could fly so fast and stable and take such clear, sharp videos.

The best thing is that it came at a very affordable price. Personally I think this might be the first high quality drone that’s actually affordable for anyone!

Here is my full review of this AMAZING DRONE!

What am I talking about?

It’s the new UDroneA brand new drone that comes with a HD camera, optical flow sensor and a revolutionary smart controller.

Watch the story about the Founder of UDrone

The UDrone is engineered to be portable. And this without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a drone. It’s firm, it’s easy to control and it can record HD footage to your smartphone.

Light image

The UDrone has foldable propellors to make it compact and portable.

How does the UDrone work?

Setting up the drone

The UDrone is set up in less than a minute!

The battery comes fully charged so you only have to plug it in, take the controller, press the power button on the drone and you’re ready to fly!

If you want to take pictures or shoot videos with it you have to install the app (just scan the QR-code in the manual), it’s all very easy. Once you have installed the app, you only have to connect your smartphone to the drone.

Light image

The UDrone is up in the air within seconds! Flight time with a full battery is around 15 minutes.

The controller

Now the best part comes: flying it is so incredibly easy! The foldable 2.4 GHZ controller is amazing and really intuitive. The controller looks amazing and is equipped with brackets that fold out so you can attach your smartphone onto it.

Steering the drone just feels natural thanks to the controller. I took the drone home for my son so he could fly it. He figured it all out in a couple of minutes. It’s just amazing how easy and smooth this thing flies!

Light image

You can slide your smartphone into the foldable brackets of the controller to monitor your flight.

The camera

Once you get the hang of flying the UDrone, it’s time to make some pictures! I’m used to flying drones with professional camera’s. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the quality of the images and videos. The images are very sharp and the colours are vivid.

The UDrone has an HD camera and optical flow sensor that basically stabilizes the camera. It let’s you make smooth videos and sharp images in any circumstances. I must say that the camera definitely exceeded my expectations!

Light image

The HD camera is completely adjustable and has an optical flow sensor that stabilizes the camera to smooth videos.

How much does the UDrone cost?

That’s where it really gets interesting… I guessed this drone would cost like 500$, but I wasn’t even close. They sell it for $199.99 $99.99, which is a really good price for a drone with high-end features!UPDATE: TODAY ONLY

50% Discount on UDrone

Offers ends on Wednesday 14 April, at 11:59pm.

Where can I buy the UDrone?

You can buy it directly from the official website.

The UDrone’s features:

Pet walking

Auto Follow Function
Can follow objects and people


Smartphone Control
Connect your smartphone

Power outages

Gesture Control HD Camera
Use hand gestures

Blinding attackers

Altitude Hold Sensors
Very stable hovering

Car problems

Headless Mode
The drone can go in all directions

SOS signals

Portable Design
Foldable arms

What’s so special about this drone?

The UDrone has a great portability. The rotors are foldable so the drone is nice and compact. This means you can take it on all your trips to make beautiful pictures!

Don’t be fooled by its size! This high quality drone goes super fast and has a lot of high-end features like the auto follow function, that you would normally only see on a 500$ drone. I was amazed by its controller and steady hovering capability which makes flying the UDrone super enjoyable and easy to control!

What makes a good drone great is a quality camera. This drone is just perfect for making semi-professional aerial photos and videos. When flying is so easy you can fully concentrate on making stunning shots. Use the UDrone to film during your next vacation or make pictures with friends and family, …the possiblities are endless.

Last but not least! The price is just amazing. I haven’t seen another drone with this kind of value for money. Trust me, for this price you really get a lot!

Light image

Conclusion – is the UDrone worth it?

Such a quality drone for this price makes me definitely say yes!

The UDrone surprised me in every single way! Think of the amazing pictures and videos you can make. Even just the fun of flying this drone makes it already worth it. If you have never flown one before, the UDrone is the perfect drone to get you started!

Light image

The UDrone comes with a controller, a charger, a battery, 4 propellor protectors and a user manual.

(I always recommend people to buy an extra set of propellors in case you crash the drone. They don’t break easily but it’s always handy to have some spare propellors.)

3 steps to get started with the UDrone:

If you are interested in the UDrone, I recommend getting one from the official website. They will give you the best price. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Order the UDrone from the official website.
  • Install the UDrone app and connect the drone to your smartphone.
  • Start making amazing footage on vacation and with family and friends!

TIP: You recieve a special offer when ordering more than one drone. Benefit from this offer now and make your family or friends happy with this amazing gift!

Latest Comments

Heather Lynch

Thinking of buying one, but how do I know if my smartphone will fit with the controller?Like · Reply · 2 · 43 m

Paul Carter

Hey! I have one and my phone fits in perfectly! The brackets are adjustable so I think all smartphones will fit…Like · Reply · 3 · 25 m

Jake Willett

Pretty fast shipping. The drone arrived in perfect condition!
Like · Reply · 5 · 56 m

Sean Lawrence

Brent Thomson , that’s the drone that I meant!Like · Reply · 1 · 1 h

Brent Thomson

Looks cool! Are you getting one?Like · Reply · 1 · 36 m

Sean Lawrence

Just ordered, I even got a 50% discount! Like · Reply · 1 · 21 m

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