About the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival


Held biennially, the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival is nine days of events celebrating creativity and the taking of tea. The feature event of the festival is the tea cosy competition. All entries are exhibited every day and include traditional and whimsical tea cosies that have been crafted using a range of media depending on the imagination and ingenuity of the artist!

The tea cosy as a theme reflects the rural setting of Fish Creek – the nurturing and welcoming nature of the town and the blending of traditional and new ways of doing things by the reinvention of an iconic symbol of everyday life.

The festival is an avenue for showcasing Fish Creek to the wider community. It builds on the concept of a tea cosy keeping tea warm while it brews. In much the same way, the festival aims to insulate the creative and entrepreneurial nature of the community, keeping the locals, visitors and artists warm while they explore, develop and grow.

The festival is organised by a committed group of locals with skills and talents too numerous to list, and is auspiced by the Fish Creek Community Development Group. The festival gives back to our community by distributing profits to local community groups.Search for:

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The great outdoors

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e-Cosy Exhibition

Enjoy all 165 wonderful e-Cosy Competition entries here!

You can also view this exhibition on facebook where you will find notes and stories about the entrants and their cosies.

COSIES THROUGH THE AGES – tea cosies representing eras in time. Crafters had no restrictions on materials used or the period of time depicted. AG9 Grandma’s Garden – Roslyn Newick

EXUBERANT WHIMSY – with no restrictions on materials or method, these tea cosies showcase the ingenuity and imagination of their makers. EX9 Australian Summer 2020 – Kerrie Ceddia

TRADITIONAL OPEN – tea cosies that are handcrafted from primarily natural fibres, are double thickness (or lined) and are functional in keeping tea hot. TR9 High Tea with Nan – Robyne Gray

MENS OPEN – tea cosies made by men with no restrictions on materials or method. MN1 Rus-Tea – Ken Roberts (Mens Open – Winner)

CHILDREN – Preschool (0 – 5 years), Primary (6 – 12years), Secondary (13 – 18 years). CP7 Solutions – Liam O’Neill

IRREGULARI-TEAS – just like our festival, some entries were quirky and for a range of reasons didn’t meet our guidelines. Here they are for your enjoyment. Orangutan – Tracey Major

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