9 thoughts on “A beautiful Morning again”

  1. freefall852 
  2. Yes, Uta…these mornings are very nice..I have to rise early to attend to the horses feeds so I see the sun rise…Y’ know..
    I go outside in the mornin’
    Pause..take in th’ weather..;yawnin’,
    Mark how the dawnin’ sun
    Gives the silver’d branches of the Mallee
    A dun coloured sheen…nice ‘n clean.
    Matching the wing of a galah
    Tight-cling’d there…..on a spar.
    An’ I’m thinking..
    In this quiet, morning haste
    That one oughta’ feel some poetry
    Whilst in such a place..
    But then…ah..it’d just be a waste…Reply
  3. auntyuta EditPoetry a waste, Joe? No way!
    Thanks very much, Joe, for letting me feel how beautiful mornings in the Mallee can be! Reply
    1. auntyuta EditHere is the link to a blog about a civilization battle that is going on:https://wentworthreport.com/2021/08/18/progressive-west-lost-the-civilization-battle-because-it-hates-itself/I reckon, this is an interesting subject. What do you think?Reply
      1. freefall852 Edit” You cannot partake in a clash of civilisations if you loathe your own civilisation. …”
        This statement is disingenuous in that it presumes that the only reason “The West” cannot support its own colonisation is because there are those that despise the morals and ethics of the accepted “Western” principles of superiority in philosophy and creativity..
        The perpetrators and self-proclaimed “owners” of “Western ideals” have no intention of altruistic spreading of the best of those ideals, rather, they mostly are the moguls, meglomaniacs and ultra conservative wealthy who use a nation’s military to illegally invade and subjugate via puppet regiems so as to strip the wealth of that nation..they are brutal, lying deceitful propagandists..
        It is the upper middle-class that commits all these brutal acts of invasion / subjugation because THAT is the core philosophy of middle-class economics..to aspire to wealth, materialism, consumerism…Since the industrial revolution, they have destroyed those cottage industries, the trade skills and the village cultural communities…driven millions into cities and made them dependent on the middle-class brand of economics, food consumption and envious materialism…I could go on, but I think you get my drift…That article and the website are bullshit sites created by the middle-class to promote themselves and their agendas.
        “They create a wasteland and they call it peace” ..Tacitus ; The speech of Calgacus. https://www.thelatinlibrary.com/imperialism/readings/agricola.html
      2. auntyuta Edithttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_O%27Neill_(columnist)
        Brendan O’Neil is the author of the above article. Oh yes, he may be promoting this kind of middle class that you were referring to.https://www.thelatinlibrary.com/imperialism/readings/agricola.htmlThanks, Joe, for this link to:
        Tacitus: Calgacus’ Speech to his Troops (A.D. 85).The more I look at this speech, the more interesting I find it. I think you’re right in studying history, Joe, This may make us better equipped to understand what is going on in our time!Tacitus says about Calgacus, “a man of outstanding valor and nobility”
        And Calgacus says about the Romans: “Do you suppose that the Romans will be as brave in war as they are licentious in peace? . . .”Calgacus also says in that speech: “. . . those who have ceased to fear will begin to hate. . .”
  4. doesitevenmatter3 EditSounds beautiful, indeed. I love that you can sit with trees at the park and commune with them.  I love trees!
    Yes, ’tis sad we can’t see family as we would like to see them. 
    But, we are grateful for all the good in our lives amongst all the struggles with lockdowns, etc. We are counting the blessings each morning. 
    (((HUGS))) ❤Reply
    1. auntyuta EditOh yes, Carolyn, for as long as we can still enjoy beautiful mornings like these, we have reason to count our blessings. Thank you very much for commenting, dear Carolyn! HUGS from me too! Reply
  5. rangewriter EditHang in there, AuntyUta. I think this isolation is most difficult for the elderly. But far beats the alternative of getting or spreading the dang virus.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditLinda, strangely enough, right now I quite enjoy having time to myself. It beats having to go in and out of Medical Centres! Some of the news do give me the creeps. One Australian interviewer said yesterday, she was having two meltdowns in the one day. But she picked herself up and was alright for her Afternoon Briefing TV Program. I had such a meltdown day too yesterday, but was able to pick myself up within hours! 

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