Starting to write a Story

I thought, maybe just starting to write something fictional rather than blogging something straight from my life, would be a change in my writing pattern. If I am persevering in this new way of writing, you never know what good might become of it. Anyhow, it should be worth a try!

I know Victoria a little bit. This is why I want my fictional very old woman to be living in Victoria! Actually in Essendon, which is a part of Melbourne. I might call this old woman Marianne Kraft. Her birthplace is Leipzig, Germany. She did get married in Berlin, when she was 18 , and had her first child at 19. When she was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband Gunter emigrated to Australia. Gunter was Catholic. Marianne became a Catholic when she married Gunter. Their first two children were boys, and then they had three girls.

When the story begins, Marianne is already 81. Her husband died of cancer three years ago, when he was 82. Marianne is all on her own now. None of her children or grandchildren live very close to her. she feels often very lonely, even though she has quite a few friends, that she can keep in contact with.

Apart from some Osteo Arthritis and a bit of hearing loss, Marianne’s health is pretty good. Her eyesight is still good enough for having an unrestricted driver’s license. She owns the three bedroom apartment that she lives in. Her husband had been a builder with good super annuation for retirement. Gunter was fully retired at age 70. He and Marianne enjoyed their togetherness during the retirement years. They went on a lot of trips, both within Australia and overseas.

My story deals with the loneliness that a very old, widowed woman tends to suffer, when her husband of many years passes away, and she ends up living totally on her own. Now, in my story this 81 year old woman has the good fortune to find a somewhat younger single man, who lives not far away from her. After a few dates they become very good, intimate friends.

I have this idea, that I could every day write a little bit about Marianne and her friend, whom I might call Jack Brentano. Maybe they see each other only two or three times a week. But they tell each other lots of stories on the internet. I can go on writing about Marianne’s past, and also about Jack’s past. Also, from time to time I may write how they meet each other’s families, for instance on occasions like special birthdays or holidays.

It looks to me, it might be fun, writing about all this!

5 thoughts on “Starting to write a Story

    1. Yes, Cat, some amusing moments, I would like to go along with that! I hope, the writing is going to be stimulating enough for me wanting to persevere with it. I think I’ll have to be more and more selective in what is important for me to blog.

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  1. Yes, if I do persevere with writing this fictional story, I’ll probably refrain from writing too many different blogs. More or less I might do only what helps that fiction to develop. By the way, what an I to call this little book? I don’t know yet.
    What would make a good title? Maybe “The Life of Marianne”. We’ll see.


  2. I like it, that I did get another very good response to that reblog as well as to
    the original page about wanting to write some fiction.

    So with two good responses from my dear blogger friends I should really
    feel encouraged enough to start writing my novel, or shall I call it my novella?
    For I thought to restrict it to maybe 200 pages.

    Last week I developed some major tooth problems. Some of it is under control
    now. But I’m afraid some more dental treatment is still required.

    I already had quite a few challenges in my old age. This is another challenge now, that I could do without. But then I can also look at a lot of good things that have come my way recently and throughout my life!

    Yes, I feel I’ve had a very rewarding life, and I like writing about it. That I cannot write much about persons in my life, who are alive, is a bummer, for I like to write about things that are autobiographical. But then, you’ll never know, I might get to like fictional writing even more!


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