The National Press Club of Australia

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Arrival 11:30am, Lunch served 12pm, Address commences 12:30pm, Concludes 1:30pm

Address to the National Press Club of Australia by

Professor Manu Platt


Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Arrival 11:30am, Lunch served 12pm, Address commences 12:30pm, Concludes 1:30pm

The National Press Club of Australia

Professor Manu Platt, ASMR Medallist 2023, will make his Address to the National Press Club of Australia. 

Manu Platt, Ph.D., is director of the NIH-wide Center for Biomedical Engineering Technology Acceleration (BETA Center), housed within the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) Intramural Research Program. The BETA Center serves as a model to bring a focused engineering approach for NIH researchers across disciplines to accelerate the development, validation and dissemination of cutting-edge technologies As the BETA Center director, Platt will work to expand opportunities for biomedical engineering training and professional growth, including supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds. In addition, Dr. Platt is NIBIB associate director for Scientific Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Formerly, Dr. Platt was professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Studies in the Walter H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University. He also was Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Cancer Scientist and Deputy Director, Interdisciplinary Bioengineering Graduate Program at Georgia Tech Walter H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Fellow.

As a scientific investigator for cutting-edge biomedical research projects, Platt has received numerous grants and research support from NIH, the National Science Foundation, the International AIDS Society and the Georgia Cancer Coalition, among other public and private research institutions. He has served on numerous review committees at NIH, is a member the Biomedical Engineering Society board of directors and is a former member of the NIBIB National Advisory Council for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.

Dr. Platt earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Morehouse College in Atlanta and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University in Atlanta.  He was a postdoctoral fellow in biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.

A nationally-recognized leader in expanding diversity and inclusion in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Platt is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the NIH Director New Innovator award, an American Association for the Advancement of Science Mentor award, and the Biomedical Engineering Society Diversity Award. He co-founded Project ENGAGES: Engaging New Generations at Georgia Tech through Engineering and Science, which provides paid research lab experience for Atlanta area African American high school students, and directed the Georgia Tech Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Educational Diversity grant program, an NIH training program to increase and support diversity at the undergraduate level. Platt is a fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society and the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

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Interviews with Noam Chomsky

May 1, 2023 Watch now the full interview with Noam Chomsky on the 2024 elections, Artificial Intelligence, and a potential conflict with China –    • Noam Chomsky: On …  

Apr 2, 2023An Interview with Noam Chomsky, “We Cannot Trust the U.S. Anymore”

Apr 17, 2023 Through Conversations Podcast

Noam Chomsky joins me for a third time on the show to discuss in depth the 2024 elections, the fentanyl crisis, the Russia-Ukraine War, and the looming threat of WWIII, and AI. This is the third time that Chomsky joins me on the show, In the first edition, we covered language, philosophy, and how to know oneself in this world. The second edition covered the Russia-Ukraine War, and the third edition will cover: • The 2024 presidential election • Potential conflict with China • How to address the fentanyl crisis • Artificial Intelligence and more. Download the full transcript now:… If you find this episode insightful, or you have any comments on the discussion, subscribe, share with your loved ones, and let me know! FIRST INTERVIEW WITH CHOMSKY:    • Noam Chomsky: Kno…   SECOND INTERVIEW WITH CHOMSKY:    • Noam Chomsky: on …   Thank you for your support, Alex — Highlights 00:00 Intro 00:52 Chomsky’s Perspective on the 2024 Presidential Election. 04:15 The State of American Politics. 25:03 Mexican Cartels, Guns, and The Fentanyl Crisis. 34:40 The Russia-Ukraine War. 51:40 Chomsky on Artificial Intelligence. 57:40 How To Bring Back Optimism In Our Society.

Green Monkey DNA Found in Covid-19 Shots

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

 May 31, 2023

in CommentaryCurated


  • Microbiologist Kevin McKernan — a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project — has discovered massive DNA contamination in the mRNA COVID shots, including simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters
  • SV40 has been linked to cancer in humans, including mesotheliomas, lymphomas and cancers of the brain and bone. In 2002, the Lancet published evidence linking polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. According to the authors, the vaccine may be responsible for up to 50% of the 55,000 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases diagnosed each year
  • The level of contamination varies depending on the platform used to measure it, but no matter which method is used, the level of DNA contamination is significantly higher than the regulatory limits in both Europe and the U.S. The highest level of DNA contamination found was 30%
  • The finding of DNA means the mRNA COVID shots may have the ability to alter the human genome
  • Even if genetic modification does not occur, the fact that you’re getting foreign DNA into your cells poses a risk in and of itself. Partial expression could occur, or it might interfere with other transcription translations that are already in the cell. Cytoplasmic transfection can also allow for genetic manipulation, as the nucleus disassembles and exchanges cellular components with the cytosol during cell division

In the video1 above, Dr. Steven E. Greer interviews microbiologist Kevin McKernan — a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project2 — and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi about the DNA contamination McKernan’s team has found in the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots.

Udo Jürgens – Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne

 (Drehscheibe 07.11.1971) (VOD)

Lyrics: In meinem Herzen flattert leise Ein kleiner bunter Schmetterling Den schickt die Sehnsucht auf die Reise Wenn ich von meinen Träumen sing Ich seh ein Land, es liegt noch weit Wo Liebe wohnt und Zärtlichkeit Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Wo alle Menschen sich versteh′n Liebe allein ist die Sonne Drum darf die Liebe nie untergeh’n Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Wo alle Menschen sich versteh′n Liebe allein ist die Sonne Drum darf die Liebe nie untergeh’n Wen kümmern noch des Nachbarn Schmerzen Wer hilft dem Nächsten durch die Tat? Wir haben Riegel vor den Herzen Und um die Seele Stacheldraht Ich such ein Land, ss liegt noch weit Wo Friede wohnt und Menschlichkeit Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Wo alle Menschen sich versteh’n Liebe allein ist die Sonne Drum darf die Liebe nie untergeh′n Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Wo alle Menschen sich versteh′n Liebe allein ist die Sonne Drum darf die Liebe nie untergeh’n Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Wo alle Menschen sich versteh′n Liebe allein ist die Sonne Drum darf die Liebe nie untergeh’n #UdoJürgens#ZeigMirDenPlatzAnDerSonne

Possessiveness Brings Pain

Well, this is the title to this blog by ARUNSINGHA:

I want here to write a bit about my thoughts on possessiveness and ‘clinging’ in connection with Old Age. First of all, people age differently. For instance a 40-year-old might act like a very old person, whereas a 90-year-old might still give the impression of being fully alive. It is hard to generalise. I want to concentrate here on these old people that are still fully alive. However, because of an aging body they may require a certain amount of help in leading a life that is worth living.

Not every old person is still capable of driving a car. However every old person, that is in reasonable good health, should be able to use public transport, like trains and busses. Why is it, that not many old people seem to use public transport on their own? I don’t know.

If an old person leads a single life, suitable accomodation for this old single person should be available. Like if all these old, healthy single persons have to do most of the cleaning, shopping and cooking and washing for themselves, why not make it easy for them and provide a small unit in the town centre? Surely, a unit like this does not need to be larger than a granny flat?

Why does not anybody think of it, what a healthy, very old person really needs? All old people seem to be treated in a way like they cannot possibly be still healthy!

But I wanted to write about possessiveness, didn’t I? Well, if old people are being treated as though they cannot go out on their own and need somebody to go with them. then of course they try to make sure that someone is available to them more or less constantly, that is they take a clinging possession of that helper. I think, this might not happen, if that old person would be encouraged to remain more independent!

Since most younger people are constantly very busy anyway, a lot of old people would find it very difficult to take ‘possession’ of a younger person, unless that youg carer can get paid for doing some work for this older person. After all, we are a caring society. Once the old person needs more and more care because of pain and sickness, some palliative care may perhaps be available. And possibly some family members, and, or, friends make then some extra time for the old person too.

In my case, I am being helped to still live in my three bedroom house all by myself. I should really be grateful, that I am being helped to remain in my own home. I feel, I am allowed to be still fairly independent. And yet, sometimes I wished I could still be a bit more independent. Is it totally up to me to find a way to achieve this? Why keep hoping for some extra help? No, I think it is wrong to hope for this. I should just be absolutely happy with all the things that are being given to me. I know, I’m very lucky. To wish for a rather different life, sounds very ungrateful. And not to wish to live this life anymore the way it is, sounds more ungrateful still. People want me to continue living, even if I don’t want to live like this. Maybe only God knows, for how long it is right for me to live this life. It is really not up to me, is it?

When Peter was still alive and well enough, we could travel anytime anywhere to wherever we wanted to go for a while, and then be happy to return home again. I wonder, why , why, can’t I continue living like this just because I am on my own now? Money can’t be the problem, for when Peter was still alive, we did not have any more money than what I have now. When we could afford traveling then without any help from other people, why can I not do it now on my own?

So, what about possessiveness? Am I possessive? Do my children think I am possessive? They probably often think, I should listen a bit more to them. – Do I have pain? Usually I have only some age related pain that I’ve had already for many, many years, Yes, this kind of pain is something I can live with and still enjoy life. Maybe it is feeling helpless in coping with certain aspects of modern life that gives me the most pain. I wonder how I can change this – – –

Pictures from the16th of May 2015 when Peter turned 80!

Big Meal for Peter at the German Club.
Big Meal for Peter at the German Club.
Veal Schnitzel and dumplings for me.
Veal Schnitzel and dumplings for me.

“At the German Club everyone could order what they felt like. For entrees there was Rollmops, or baked Camembert cheese, or soup. Most people got German beer from the tap. Ebony left soon after dinner with the two little darlings, our great-grandsons. There were later on 12 people left for the welcome drink, a nice sweet bubbly.”

The above is what I published eight years ago, that is in 2015!

Now I copy something I wrote a week after Peter’s birthday in 2020. It was a difficult time for we did then have restrictions because of the Coronavirus. So in May 2020 I wrote:

“Last weekend we had quite a few visitors because it was Peter’s birthday. The visitors came in stages: First two visitors for lunch. Later on when the first visitors had left, five adults and two children arrived for evening celebrations when it was already dark, and we had to stay inside. (Otherwise we could have spent time in our backyard where there is a bit more room and fresh air!)

Off and on Peter experienced some bad pain and had to lie down for a while until he could join the visitors again. Peter feels his pain is manageable when he can have a rest as soon as there is some pain coming. Most visitors came on Saturday, the 16th. The following day, on Sunday, we had two more visitors in the afternoon just for coffee/tea and cake. All our visitors were family members. Some of them we had not seen for quite a while. Because of the Coronavirus restrictions we took care not to hug anyone, and we also tried to keep some distance at all times. This is definitely rather difficult. I am sure, everyone in this kind of situation would have the same feelings how difficult it is.”

A nasty Cold

When I start getting a cold I immediately increase the amount of Vitamin C. I also take some Olive Leaf Extract. And I try to rest as much as possible. As far as I remember I still felt all right on Wednesday, the 6th of May when I went for a walk in the morning. Towards evening that day I started to shiver, the throat felt sore and all my limbs felt very heavy. I also sneezed a lot. So I started with the above treatment and retired to my nice warm bed. Still, I worried a bit, whether I would feel well enough to go to Wollongong early the following morning to keep the appointment with my specialist.

On Thursday Peter drove me to Wollongong for the 9 am appointment. I told the receptionist that I had a cold and weather it was still all right to see the doctor. It turned out, I was able to see the doctor who asked me in and then did all the required tests. I felt lucky that my nose had dried up, for some of the tests involved some stuff that went through my nose. The doctor happily told me that there was nothing wrong with me: I was free of any signs of cancer. He said it was close to four years now since I had my operation on the tongue. So in one year’s  time I should come back for another examination. But this would be the last time that I had to come for check-ups. He said, that it was very unlikely that any lesions would come back five years after surgery.

Thereafter Peter drove me straight back home. Thursdays I usually go to a one hour Gentle Exercise Class. But on that Thursday I preferred to stay home to have a good rest. The following day I also cancelled the games afternoon with my lady friends. The following days I took great care to dress extra warmly. I saw to it that a small electric heater always stood close by to keep me warm. I was thinking that under no circumstances would I want to go anywhere where there was air-conditioning blowing on me!

I wrote all this in May 2015. That year my cold lasted from Wednesday, the 6th of May to Monday, the 11th of May. So, it is May 2023 now. From last Wednesday, the 26th of April, to Monday the 1st of May, I suffered from a nasty cold. Yesterday, the 1st of May, I felt already much better. But I still stay at home and rest a lot. My cold symptoms are remarkably similar to the symptoms that I described in May 2015!

The Giants – Official Trailor

– Part warrior, part man of peace,

0:22 / 1:59

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Save37,640 views Mar 1, 2023 #BobBrown#TheGiantsFilm explores the intertwined fates of trees and humans in this cinematic portrait of environmental folk hero and gay icon #BobBrown who took green politics to the centre of power. From a seedling to forest elder The Giants interweaves Bob’s story with the life cycle of the ancient trees he is fighting for. The hidden life of the forest is brought to life by cameras rigged high in the tree canopy, immersive point cloud animation generated from 3D tree scans, and thought-provoking insights by the likes of David Suzuki and Merlin Sheldrake. Drawing on Bob’s lifetime of activism, from the Franklin to the Tarkine, The Giants ignites an urgent conversation about the right of the Forest to exist and challenges the audience to write the next chapter.