Dr Ruth’s top 15 tips

Sex before dinner, afterplay, and fun with onion rings…

1. People are not Siamese twins. They don’t want to have sex, or the same amount of sex, at the same time. The important thing is that a couple adjusts to it.

2. I do suggest that people have sex before they go out to dinner.

3. Many people grow jealous of their partner’s fantasy lovers. That’s a big mistake. After years of being together, many people need fantasy to become sufficiently aroused for sex… with their partner!

4. If you’re always waiting for that orgasm, you won’t enjoy the rest of the lovemaking as much. You risk being goal oriented, impatiently waiting for that orgasm.

5. You don’t have to share your fantasies. If you have sex with your partner, and the woman thinks about a whole football team in bed with her, that’s OK, but keep your mouth shut about it.

6. Your sex life is not supposed to come to an end just because you’ve hit a certain age.

7. Men, want stronger sperm? Eat walnuts.

8. Make up your own events. Like an onion ring tossed on to an erect penis!

9. Put down the screen and get to know each other.

10 A good sexual experience needs time: for arousal as well as for hugging and kissing after sex. Afterplay is part of the arousal phase for the next encounter.

11. The more women engage in sex, the less severe the symptoms of menopause related to good sexual functioning will be.https://0cbe6381ce7803439f6b80dbd3965083.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

12. In nursing homes, I would like to make sure that there’s a dating room, with a sign like in a hotel that says do not disturb. There’s a need for caressing and being held at every age.

13. Parade your body in front of your partner, show it off, try to feel good about it.

14. You’re on a business trip; you go out to dinner with a coworker; you each have too much to drink… and end up having sex, even though you’re both married. You have no feelings for this person, you both regret what happened, and you promise yourself that you will never let this happen again. Do you tell your spouse? I say you don’t. No matter how well your spouse takes this news, it’ll leave a scar on your relationship.

15. Older people have to be sexually literate. No sex in the evening when they’re tired. The best way for older people to engage in sex is after a good night’s sleep

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