Last Day of September 2018

It is Sunday, cool outside and beautiful sunshine. Next weekend we go on daylight saving time. Right now it is nearly seven o’clock. Since it is Sunday, we are going to have soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I am looking forward to this. Peter is reading in his tablet in bed. Most likely he’ll be getting up soon. His stay in hospital from Thursday to Friday he survived pretty well. He was very happy when he was allowed to go home Friday¬† afternoon.

While Peter stayed in hospital, I had an ice-cream in Wollongong town. (Martin did not want any ice-cream). But he was sitting there waiting for me, and I took a picture of him:






Martin drove us to the hospital. No need for us to use the helicopter! But it is great that helicopters can land at Wollongong Hospital.

Martin, who had been staying with us since Sunday, the 23rd of September, was kind of relieved that he could still drive back to his place in Benalla, Victoria, after having picked up his Dad from hospital. He kind of liked it very much that he could yesterday, on Saturday, wake up in his own place in Benalla.

Peter and I have arranged with Martin that we are going to visit him in Benalla for a Benalla Festival in a few weeks. We are looking forward to this.

There are good properties for sale in Benalla:,+vic+3672/list-1

The other day I found a reasonably priced property close to Benalla Station and to the centre of town. It had some rather good features, for instance two bathrooms! We would like to move to Benalla, but unfortunately we seem to be a bit too old for such a move.